Macmillan Education South Africa
TVET ECD Scholarship 2018

Funding for a year of your studies at a TVET institution in South Africa.

Macmillan Education South Africa is pleased to announce the Macmillan Education South Africa TVET ECD Scholarship for 2018.

The Macmillan Education South Africa TVET ECD Scholarship aims to develop future ECD practitioners by providing ECD/Educare students with funding for one year of their studies at a TVET institution in South Africa. The scholarship will be awarded based on financial need, and includes tuition and a contribution towards living expenses.

Eligibility criteria and scholarship application forms can be downloaded here. Applications must be completed in full and must include all required support materials. Applications must be scanned and submitted to Incomplete scholarship applications cannot be considered.

The deadline for applications is 21 August 2017.

Application Requirements

Application Requirements

To apply for this scholarship, which is based on financial need, you need to:

  1. Read the ‘Terms and conditions’.
  2. Complete the application form on pages 1-3.
  3. Provide a certified copy of your identification document.
  4. Provide an affidavit supporting proof of guardianship, if applicable.
  5. Provide three months’ salary slips of your parents or guardians.
  6. Provide a certified copy of your most recent academic results – either school or TVET college results (whichever is the most recent).
  7. Attach a letter of motivation. The letter must be between 250-500 words in length, and should answer the following questions:
    • Why you want to study Education and Development or Educare?,
    • What do you intend to do with your qualification once completed?
  8. Submit your application form, as well as all relevant supporting documentation, by the closing date of 21 August 2017, to

Terms & conditions

Application Requirements

Below are the terms and conditions that relate to your application for the Macmillan Education South Africa TVET ECD Scholarship 2018. Read these carefully, as they may affect your rights.

    Who we are
  1. We are Macmillan South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a private company with company registration number 1993/000118/07 and with our principal place of business at 4th Floor, Building G, Hertford Office Park, 90 Bekker Road, Vorna Valley, 1685.

  2. Eligibility for the scholarship
  3. In order to be eligible to receive the scholarship, you must:
    1. 2.1 be a South African citizen
    2. 2.2 be able to provide evidence of financial need (see Section C of the application form)
    3. 2.3 be registered, or intend to register, as a full-time Education and Development or Educare student at a public TVET College in South Africa (which must be registered with the Department ofHigher Education and Training) in 2018
    4. 2.4 provide a completed application form, as well as all the requested supporting documents, by no later than the closing date of 21 August 2017.
  4. Failure to meet any ofthe above requirements may result in your application being rejected.
  5. By submitting this application, you confirm that all the information and documents provided are true and correct, and you agree that your scholarship may be withdrawn if any of these are found to be incorrect.

  6. Awarding the scholarship
  7. Our decision about who receives a Scholarship will be final, and Macmillan Education South Africa will not be required to enter into further discussions with applicants about their applications.
  8. Macmillan Education South Africa will determine the value of the scholarship in its sole discretion. This means that you may not receive the full amount required for your studies, in which case you will need to obtain additional funds from another source.
  9. The scholarship is offered for the 2018 academic year, and Macmillan Education South Africa has no obligation to provide funding for subsequent years or levels of study.
  10. Macmillan Education South Africa may provide scholarships to one or more students/learners, or may elect to not award the scholarship to any person. This is in Macmillan Education South Africa’s sole discretion.
  11. if your application is successful and you are awarded the Scholarship, you agree that the scholarship is not transferrable, and you will not attempt to transfer the whole or any part of the scholarship to any other person.

  12. Payment of the scholarship
  13. The scholarship will be paid directly to you as a contribution towards your study expenses. You will be required to provide receipts or invoices proving that you used the scholarship for your academic expenses. If you use the scholarship for other purposes, or if you do not provide receipts and invoices by the requested date, you will be required to pay back the scholarship.
  14. Successful applicants must be willing to be photographed for media purposes, and will be required to sign a waiver to this end.