English Literature

The Regional English Literature division at Macmillan Education South Africa publishes educational literature for Grades R-12, as well as for TVET Colleges. We invite manuscript submissions in the genres of fiction, poetry, drama and short stories, as well as children’s stories and folktales that are appropriate for school learners and have educational value.

As a southern African publishing house, we focus on publishing books by southern African authors, as well as books that deal with historic and contemporary southern African themes.


  • Please submit complete manuscripts. We will not review partial or incomplete manuscripts. In the case of poetry, short stories and folktales, please provide a list of titles with your submission.
  • Submissions should be sent via email (in word or pdf format).
  • Manuscripts should be typed in Times New Roman or Arial, font size 10-12, and lines should be single-spaced.
  • Please ensure that all pages are numbered.
  • We recommend that you submit a copy of your manuscript, rather than the original, as Macmillan Education South Africa does not guarantee a return of the manuscript submitted.

Please include the following:

  • A short author biography or a concise CV
  • A one-page synopsis of the plot
  • A brief outline of the outstanding or unique features of your submission and its proposed target market (age, language level, grade, etc.)

Note: Macmillan Education South Africa does not consider submissions in the following categories: Religious books and general self-help books.

If your manuscript adheres to these guidelines please direct your submission to