Talking Stories

Talking Stories


Talking Stories is an innovative South African reading programme that reflects real life in South Africa, affirming the sense of identity and dignity of every young reader.


Talking Stories teaches children to love reading

Talking Stories can be used on a computer or interactive whiteboard, in the classroom, in the computer lab, on a tablet or on a cell phone.

• 64 graded storybooks for levels 1 to 3 across a variety of genres in English, isiXhosa, Afrikaans and isiZulu.

• Stories are graded for Beginner, Core, Intermediate and Advanced within each level.

• Authentic South African stories with colourful illustrations to stimulate learners’ interests.

Interactive Activities

• Every story comes with three fun interactive activities that draw on the content of the story.

• The activities cover the whole language curriculum.

• The activities are designed to give the struggling learner a sense of completion of a task, while at the same time providing extension for the most able learner.

• The activities feature ‘drag-and-drop’ answering and supported typing of the text.

• Animated feedback rewards encourage learners, giving them a sense of achievement.


Printable worksheets related to each story are available for extra practice, homework, classroom activities or assessment.


A Single User Licence consists of 64 graded storybooks for levels 1 to 3 in one

language for one user.

A Network Licence consists of 64 graded storybooks for levels 1 to 3 in one language for an entire school.

Talking Stories is easy to use

• Child-friendly design with easy navigation.

• All instructions are sound-based.

• Children listen to a story while following it on the computer screen, and can listen to the same page again if necessary.

• In the lower level each word is highlighted as the child reads it.

• Children are able to listen to the story in their home language first, to build understanding, and then switch to the language of learning and teaching. 


How to purchase Talking Stories

Talking stories is available as an online interactive talking book. To purchase and access these books you will need a Macmillan user account.

Go to

Click on login at the top right of the website page

Register a new user or log in with your account details

Navigate to Talking Stories under the Digital tab (

Select the language and level you require on the left of the page

Select the book or bundle you wish to purchase and click on “Buy Online Book”

Continue to check out and complete the purchasing process.

How to access the purchased book:

Open website and login.

Navigate to “My Books”

Clink on the book you wish to open and ENJOY!