Macmillan Teacher Campus is an accredited training provider:

SACE Provider Number – PR10690

All workshop and course material is developed according to the South African Council for Educators (SACE) requirements. As a SACE approved training provider, Macmillan Teacher Campus is proud to be such a significant role-player in the implementation of the Continuous Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) system.

Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD)

Like all professionals, teachers need to grow their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. Teaching requires deep knowledge which is continuously updated and widened, and it involves complex skills that need to be continually adapted to new circumstances.

Because teachers are entrusted by parents with profound responsibilities, teachers need to continuously strengthen their capacity to help children along the path of learning, understanding and development.

Teachers need to continuously renew their commitment to their profession, to express their pride in its ideals of service, their dedication to our children’s development and their determination to contribute to a just and thriving nation.

Benefits of CPTD:

  • Build confidence and credibility.
  • Achieve your career goals by focusing on your training and development.
  • Cope positively with change by constantly updating your skills set.
  • Be more productive and efficient by reflecting on your learning and highlighting gaps in your knowledge and experience.

ETDP-SETA accreditation number – ETDP10512

What an accredited course can do for you

•  Improve your classroom practice.

•  Become a master assessor.

•  Increase your chance at promotions.

•  Develop a career path that leads to your success.

•  Broaden your skills base with our courses.

•  Train, assess and moderate for SETA accredited training providers.

Macmillan Easy Payment Plan

In order to make Macmillan Teacher Campus courses affordable, the Macmillan Easy Payment Plan allows individuals to pay off the course fees over a period of four months without charging interest.

Please note that this applies to individuals only and not institutions or Departments.



Assessment in a learning environment: ETDP-SETA Accredited

Duration Four days
NQF Level 5
Credits 15
NLRD No 115753
SACE PD Points 10



Facilitation in the classroom: ETDP-SETA Accredited

Duration Four days
NQF Level 5
Credits 10
NLRD No 117871



Moderation of outcomes-based assessment: ETDP-SETA Accredited

Duration Three days
NQF Level 6
Credits 10
NLRD No 115759



Effective writing and presenting in education: ETDP-SETA Accredited

Duration Two days
NQF Level 5
Credits 5
NLRD No 115790



Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of assessment in a learning environment: ETDP-SETA Accredited

Duration One day
NQF Level 4
Credits 3
NLRD No 246529