Coding skills for 21st century learners

13 October 2016

In a world which is becoming ever more reliant on digital applications and digital literacy, the ability to write digital code (coding) has been identified as a 21st Century skill learners need to mas...

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Using Blended Learning In Our Classrooms

03 September 2014

Blended learning is a term increasingly used to describe the way e-learning is being combined with traditional classroom methods and independent study to create a new, hybrid teaching methodology. It ...

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eLearning – Is the technology tail wagging the education dog?

26 August 2014

Having taken the first steps on the elearning road, you have started a journey that can be satisfying to teachers and beneficial to learners.  But you must be realistic: on any road you travel yo...

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Free Vodacom data for educational sites

23 August 2014

Free Vodacom Data for Educational SitesVodacom has zero-rated access to 5 South African educational websitesAugust 21 2014Vodacom has started zero-rating data used to access five South African educati...

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High school in PE isn't using textbooks any longer

02 August 2014

By Suzaan Hauman on July 22, 2014Linkside High School in Port Elizabeth started 2014 by turning a new (paperless) leaf in its classrooms.All Grade 8 students starting their high school caree...

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Fan-tab-ulous apps

26 July 2014

Fantabulous apps that give your studies the edgeDon't want to be stuck in front of your PC all day? Tired of lugging your laptop around with you?If you want to study but don't want the limitat...

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What's APPening: 100 APPS for Education

12 July 2014

What’s APPening: 100 apps for educationNeed an app? You don’t have to look far. There really IS an app for that, whatever “that” may be. Need help taking notes or sta...

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Teachers using technology creatively in the classroom

12 July 2014

Teachers using technology creatively in the classroomSome teachers are really making an effort to try to bring technology into their teaching not only in a creative way but one in which value is added...

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eLearning – Taking the First Steps

06 June 2014

In the previous article it was stated that “elearning has the potential to transform the way teachers teach and learners learn”.  What steps must you take to benefit from this transfo...

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eLearning – Why the hype?

01 March 2014

eLearning is a hot topic at the moment. Some claim that it is the solution to most of the problems in education; others are sceptical about the value it can add.  Over the last few years we have ...

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