The importance of Reading Interventions

03 October 2019

What is an intervention?An intervention refers to “the act of intervening in a situation”… There are a few factors to take into account during this process: Interventions occur as a...

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Upskill yourself by doing one of these ETDPSETA accredited courses

15 August 2019

Booking contact detailsSalome ChepapeTel: 011 731 3409Send Salome an emailAlet NienaberTel: 011 731 3370Send Alet an email All our courses are tailored for educators, lecturers and managers in educati...

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29 May 2019

If you want a department where ideas are shared, learners are inspired and teaching is dynamic,YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE LEADTO BE AN EFFECTIVE HOD …• be the first to share ideas•&ens...

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Let your learners become part of the over 8 million users per month that use the Macmillan on-line Dictionary

27 May 2019

The Macmillan online Dictionary has now included the popular Thesaurus feature.The two resources – thesaurus & dictionary – go hand-in-hand in supporting English language learners and ...

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Bettermarks® – Makes maths easy

15 April 2019

Having a lot of problems is, well, a problem. When it comes to maths however, teachers will tell you that you can never have too many problems as practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, learners are of...

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Tips and strategies for experienced Foundation Phase teachers

25 February 2019

It is a fact that experienced and excellent teachers still struggle with certain aspects of their teaching. Examples like time management because of work overload, assessment, adapting to a new curric...

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Tips and strategies for beginner Foundation Phase teachers

15 February 2019

Your personal journey as a teacherTeaching is a rewarding and fulfilling profession and this is especially so for teaching in the Foundation Phase. It is the Phase in which learners will develop and g...

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A fresh approach to learning and teaching Afrikaans as a First Additional Language

19 October 2018

Teaching and learning Afrikaans as a First Additional Language (FAL) can be quite a challenge. Learners are generally not motivated to engage with the subject and get bored with what is being taught a...

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16 October 2018

National Dictionary Day is observed annually on 16 October.Celebrate by learning a little bit of dictionary history and about Noah Webster:In 1806, American Noah Webster published his f...

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Macmillan Maths Lounge - Network. Exchange Ideas. Discover!

01 October 2018

Dear FET Maths EducatorHave a considerable impact in your classroom! Achieve your aim to increase your maths pass rate!Join us for rotational sessions of debate and networking where you...

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