Teaching maths to learners whose first language is not English

13 July 2018

Learners having to learn maths in a second language can have difficulties and make errors, both when speaking and writing in the second language. How can a teacher or a parent help in this regard?Math...

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Supporting the creation of curious minds through CSI

24 May 2018

Learning can be defined as acquiring knowledge through study, through being taught, and via experience. In classrooms all over South Africa attention is generally focused on teaching, while learners a...

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Cell C Take A Girl Child To Work Day

24 May 2018

On 24 May we hosted 10 young eager learners between Grades 10-12 from Kwa-Bhekilanga Secondary in Alexandra for Cell C's initiative "Take a girl child to work day". The theme for 2018 wa...

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Bettermarks® – Make maths easy

14 May 2018

Having a lot of problems is, well, a problem. When it comes to maths however, teachers will tell you that you can never have too many problems as practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, learners are of...

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Varying Approaches to Maths Teaching

25 April 2018

(Based on: Teaching Primary Mathematics by John Suffolk, 2004 Macmillan Education)Too often maths is taught in a boring teacher way, with the teacher describing how to solve a type of maths problem, d...

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Tips to overcome the fear of Mathematics and make it more fun

24 April 2018

According to John Suffolk, (Teaching primary mathematics) for many people their early encounters with mathematics induce fear and resentment. Their memories of mathematics often involve remembering lo...

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Why use study guides in maths?

20 April 2018

Analysis shows that the majority of Senior Phase learners (grades 7 - 9) achieve below 10% in the Annual National Assessments (ANA) in mathematics. This indicates that most learners need to practice m...

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Maths intervention – is it necessary in the Foundation Phase?

17 April 2018

In research done by the National Centre for Educational Statistics in the USA in 2003, 23% of fourth-grade learners and 32% of eighth-grade learners scored below the mathematic basic of the USA’...

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April is Macmillan Maths Madness Month!

10 April 2018

April is Macmillan Maths Madness Month!For exciting math products, special promotions, new product launches, teaching tips, intervention strategies, competitions and much, much more... follow us on&nb...

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Introducing Flying Start to Literacy

16 March 2018

We are delighted to let you know about Flying Start to Literacy, a phenomenal paired reading program which supports systematic development of reading strategies and skills in young learners. ...

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