10 May 2016

Reading is said to be amongst the most critical factors that can contribute positively to a child's learning process. The more contact learners have with books, the better readers they become. And the better readers they are, the greater leaders they are likely to be. We believe that is exactly the reason why Timmy Failure was quoted to have said, "Reading leads the way to greatness."

Here are ten reasons why it is beneficial to surround children with books in the classroom:

  • Learners have easy access to books
  • It allows learners to spend more time browsing and looking at books during the school day
  • Reading is an important part of a child’s learning process
  • It creates a conducive environment for literacy development which encourages learners of all ages and abilities to explore books and the excitement of reading
  • It is supportive towards improving vocabulary, writing and grammar especially for younger age groups and learners that are taught in a language that is not their mother tongue
  • It helps to create a positive attitude towards reading for enjoyment and fun
  • By relating to characters and stories in books, learners can learn how to cope with their own feelings and situations
  • Books can take learners on exciting journeys to different parts of the world
  • It helps to instil an interest in new subjects and hobbies
  • Children discover more about their own cultures as well as other cultures through books
  • Books introduce nature and science in a visual way to encourage learners to read more in order to discover more
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