24 May 2018

On 24 May we hosted 10 young eager learners between Grades 10-12 from Kwa-Bhekilanga Secondary in Alexandra for Cell C's initiative "Take a girl child to work day". The theme for 2018 was #MoreThanADay and learners were exposed to the working world of Macmillan.

We challenged their minds with interactive activities from departments such as Publishing, Production, Sales and Marketing. 

The positive feedback received from the learners at the end of the day was great! They were appreciative of the opportunity to experience different career paths and they left confident of their future goals. 

A big thank you once again to everyone who made this day great for the learners!

a timeline of photos from the day: 

     breakfast time


    word of welcome from our Regional Managing Director, Brett Basel


     learners hard at work


     a moving motivational talk from Lindi


    putting what they learned into action! 


     certificates of participation for learners


    some learners were outstanding


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