20 May 2013

During the week of 13 to 17 May, we had exhibitions at various venues in Gauteng. Instead of hauling boxes and boxes of our CAPS approved books (and there are many) into a dusty exhibition venue, Macmillan decided to only exhibit in the exhibition venue and boldly rented a pantechnicon truck for each venue for easy distribution of our books to the many schools that visited.

The Prime spots we chose for our trucks in the car park of each venue, made us highly visible and exhausted teachers were thankful that they did not have to carry the heavy bags filled with Macmillan books too far to their cars!

Every venue had a Macmillan team who worked together like a well-oiled machine to get the books distributed. Some were in the venue, enlightening the educators and district officials and manning the register while the other team worked on the truck – getting the best books distributed to each and every school that attended.

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