04 July 2013

Leading publishing group, Macmillan, has chosen to digitally publish their content including academic textbooks with the help of the Realmdigital team. Realmdigital has a vast amount of experience with digital publishing technologies and have chosen to use the Snapplify solution for the Macmillan project.

Macmillan's core focus is shaping the future of South African education. Macmillan Education is a global publisher with a strong presence in Africa, with operations in over 50 countries and is part of one of the world’s best known publishing groups. For over 100 years they have forged a reputation of excellence and innovation by publishing market leading learning and teaching materials for all levels of education and languages. Therefore it comes at no surprise that they have made the innovative decision to embrace digital publishing solutions.

Malcolm Seegers, Digital Publisher explains the reasons behind his decision to choose Realmdigital, "We investigated several solutions and many of these will work as a platform for distributing our ebooks. The biggest problem we would face is that none of these solutions meet the needs of the education sector in South Africa.  We therefore decided to partner with Snapplify and Realmdigital for two reasons. Firstly, by building our readers on the Snapplify solution, we get an advanced reading platform for our ebooks at an affordable price. Secondly, because of Realmdigital, these readers are now being adapted to include functionality which is very important for ebooks in education."

"With this project, we want to create a platform that will bring an excellent solution to schools in South Africa for ebooks. By offering this new ebook reading platform, it makes the migration to ebooks much easier for schools and removes a lot of the technical headaches that were previously associated with going digital" explains Malcolm Seegers. Our team is incredibly excited to be working on a project of this scale and we foresee great developments for the Macmillan project moving forward."

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