29 September 2017

Macmillan Teacher Campus and Macmillan Education have been actively involved in the Professional Development of 150 educators in four schools in the Western Cape. The four schools, Masibambane SS, I.D. Mkize SS, Intshinga PS and Imvumelwano PS, have been adopted as Macmillan eLearning Development Schools (MeLDS).

Educators were placed on a development pathway and the intense journey of training, acquiring skills and generally becoming the best they possibly could be, kick-started. They were taught eLearning skills and were shown how to effectively use digital technology in the classroom.

The 2017 Phase 1 came to an end with an awards ceremony, where all educators and schools were rewarded for their efforts. Every educator received a certificate of participation listing all the workshops they attended. Schools were handed subscriptions for their Mathematics learners to bettermarks® for 2018 valued between R35 000 and R75 000. Each school will also receive a new billboard containing their school name and badge and Macmillan branding.

In 2018 Phase 2, their Professional Development journey will continue with selected workshops and product training.

This has been an exciting journey for all educators, trainers and district officials as they grew in confidence and ability.

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