01 August 2018

Hands-on Science activities for young learners – A step-by-step guide for ECD practitioners and Foundation Phase teachers

The books in this series include a range of fun activities to instil a love for Science in young learners and to help them better understand the world they live in.

You don’t need to be a Science teacher to use the activities in this book – all activities are presented in a clear, step-by-step way.

No special equipment or resources are needed. Resources are generally common household objects and are easy and inexpensive to source.


  • Activities are linked to the CAPS topics for Life Skills to help learners see that scientific and technological principles are part of all aspects of everyday life.

  • Full-colour artwork and photos are used to show how to set up each activity.

  • Activities list the integrated developmental skills that learners will practise through the activity.

  • Additional notes explain some scientific principles where necessary.

  • Each activity includes a ‘Science sum up’ which explains the objective of the activity.

  • Books include photocopiable observation sheets that teachers may copy and adapt for their own classes.

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